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Can GutMatters help you?

– A comprehensive listing of all the conditions linked to digestive health.                Click here

Why is our food affecting our health?

– What food affects digestive health and hence overall health?                                  Click here

The Human Microbiome – what is it and what does this mean for us

From The conversation:

How to Make Kefir

– Kefir, like yogurt, is full of probiotic goodness.             Click here

Kids Healthy Eating Chart (most popular)

– A colourful daily reward chart to encourage good eating habits for your child. (from Healthy Food Guide       Click here

True Food Guide

– A list of companies and products that are GM free and those that contain GM ingredients. New Kids food guide available. (from True Food Network)                          Click here

How Healthy is your Bowel?

– Bowel health is a serious and important concern as bowel cancer and diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome are on the rise.                                  Click here

Is Candida causing you health problems?

– If you are suffering all sorts of vague symptoms, then you might have Candida.                       Click here

Preventing indigestion and bloating – especially at times of celebration such as Christmas!

– Eat drink and be merry without discomfort and embarrassment.                                                Click here

Probiotics, choosing the right one for your needs

– Many people are confused about what a probiotic is and what it does – it is important to make sure that what you are taking is actually doing the job.                            Click here

Probiotics, are supplements better than yoghurt?

– Usually a correctly chosen probiotic will be better at treating your health problem than yoghurt – but even a yoghurt, if correctly made can be very helpful.                   Click here