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Are painkillers making you ...


Are Painkillers making you feel sick? If you are someone who has freely used painkillers in the past you may now find that you have problems with food. That is my story but only now do I find that research is backing up what I felt might have caused my gut problems. Painkillers and Leaky Gut […]

5 simple steps to heal leak...

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Could leaky gut be the reason your health is suffering? Leaky gut is a term that the medical profession don’t seem to like to even acknowledge but gradually via naturopaths and natural therapists, it is becoming more recognised and even researched! (Liu Z, Li N, Neu J. Tight junctions, leaky intestines, and pediatric diseases. Acta […]

Pain free, pain free –...

bananas are high in magnesium

Magnesium benefits – The miraculous healer and anti-aging hero Is there one thing you can take that will hold back the ‘sands of time”, that will make you feel and think better? Yes. It is Magnesium (Mg) – the miraculous healer. Few nutrients possess its remarkable and diverse benefits. It is the fourth most abundant mineral […]

Gluten Free – fabulou...

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If you have wandered the aisles of the supermarket recently or perused cafe and restaurant menus you will have noticed the availability of many more gluten free choices. But why has the interest in gluten free foods skyrocketed in recent years? Even the food industry which has so quickly jumped on the bandwagon is baffled […]

Why going barefoot may save...

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Can one simple action reverse the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation? Do you have unexplained health symptoms such as aching muscles or joints, times of real fatigue, trouble sleeping, headachy days or days where you just can’t think and get it together? If there was just one thing you could do to improve your health, prevent […]

Red Alert! The missing link...

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I have long held the belief that the health and strength of a nation has its very beginning in the food we feed our children. Yes, I know that is a big claim but good nutrition leads to healthy and happy young people and they are our future. Our children are getting sicker Sadly the […]