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SIBO – the hidden key...


Do you have Bowel problems or digestive issues that just won’t go away? Is your lifestyle being restricted because of gas or smelly wind or the need to be near toilets because of constipation or diarrhoea? Is there pain associated with food and after eating? Do you feel as though you have you tried everything: […]

How to Heal the Gut in 3 Ea...

How to heal the gut

Most of the clients who come to my clinic Accent on Healing have digestive issues and often request what they can do to heal the gut. Usually the symptoms of bloating, constipation, diarrhoea (or both), pain after eating, bad reactions to food, feeling tired or unwell finally become too much and they seek help. Quite […]

Fermented food vs Probiotic...

Fermented foods vs Probiotics for a healthy gut

Are you feeling confused about whether you should take probiotics vs fermented foods for a healthier gut? I recently had this discussion with someone with a long history of Ulcerative Colitis which is an inflammatory disease of the bowel. Its distressing symptoms of pain, diarrhoea, fever and tiredness make life very difficult. How do you decide […]

Trash to Table or why Cauli...

Cauliflower new trendy vegetable

What’s new in the world of food and healthy living? Here are the trends for 2016 that are influencing our attitudes to food, eating and health. Food and drink are as subject to fashion as ladies outfits on the Paris catwalk or the latest celebrity twitter feed! This year the trends seem topsy-turvy as trash is […]

GutMatters Wellness Predict...

Health and beauty

Here are GutMatters wellness predictions for 2016. This year is all about the gut. Gut health is a very hot topic in not just the health and wellness world but also in mainstream media. So what do we predict will be important in 2016? 1. The organic trend will continue in fast food chains making more good food available. […]