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Does waist size truly matter?

When does our expanding waist size become a health concern and what can we do about it? Sadly our waistlines grow in size as we get older.  Despite our best efforts or not, it happens to nearly everyone due to our changing hormones, changes in lifestyle and our basic...

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How to Heal the Gut in 3 Easy Steps

Most of the clients who come to my clinic Accent on Healing have digestive issues and often request what they can do to heal the gut. Usually the symptoms of bloating, constipation, diarrhoea (or both), pain after eating, bad reactions to food, feeling tired or unwell...

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Peanut Allergies in Kids – finally a cure?

Peanut allergies are affecting an increasing number of children with a doubling in the past decade. It is estimated now that 3% of all children under 1 year of age in Australia are affected with similar results in developed countries. While that overall number might...

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The Digestive First Aid Travellers Kit

Does your digestive system go on holidays when you travel? If you want to lessen the impact then there are simple things you can do with a basic digestive first aid travellers kit. I love travelling but my body and my gut in particular does not necessarily agree. I...

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Sugar Cravings – 5 ways to curb them

SUGAR CRAVINGS: Natural reward, unnatural dependence. Ever felt a desperate need for something sweet? If you love to end a meal with a piece (or more) of chocolate or icecream then you are not alone. What about mid afternoon when you crave a biscuit or reach for a...

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