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Trash to Table or why Cauli...

Cauliflower new trendy vegetable

What’s new in the world of food and healthy living? Here are the trends for 2016 that are influencing our attitudes to food, eating and health. Food and drink are as subject to fashion as ladies outfits on the Paris catwalk or the latest celebrity twitter feed! This year the trends seem topsy-turvy as trash is […]

GutMatters Wellness Predict...

Health and beauty

Here are GutMatters wellness predictions for 2016. This year is all about the gut. Gut health is a very hot topic in not just the health and wellness world but also in mainstream media. So what do we predict will be important in 2016? 1. The organic trend will continue in fast food chains making more good food available. […]

The Digestive First Aid Tra...

Digestive travellers kit

Does your digestive system go on holidays when you travel? If you want to lessen the impact then there are simple things you can do with a basic digestive first aid travellers kit. I love travelling but my body and my gut in particular does not necessarily agree. I can suffer anything from discomfort after eating, […]

Sugar Cravings – 5 wa...

Sugar cravings

SUGAR CRAVINGS: Natural reward, unnatural dependence. Ever felt a desperate need for something sweet? If you love to end a meal with a piece (or more) of chocolate or icecream then you are not alone. What about mid afternoon when you crave a biscuit or reach for a protein bar to keep up the energy […]

Is ACID REFLUX just the tip...

acid reflux is tip of the iceberg Gutmatters blog

If you’ve ever suffered from acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion, then you are not alone. This is such a common problem and it can even run in families. But did you realise your body is telling you something important? Basically it means that you are not digesting your food properly. And while this seems a […]

Are painkillers making you ...


Are Painkillers making you feel sick? If you are someone who has freely used painkillers in the past you may now find that you have problems with food. That is my story but only now do I find that research is backing up what I felt might have caused my gut problems. Painkillers and Leaky Gut […]