Whatever way you found me (Ros @ GutMatters), I'm here for you and am ready to help in any way I can.

Hi, I’m Ros @ GutMatters.

I am thrilled you are here – because we have a lot in common you and I. We are both trying to work with our gut to find answers to improve our healh. Our mutual goal is to have maximum energy and glow so we can fully enjoy life.

I confess – I am obsessed with the gut …. how its inner workings show up in how we look, how we feel and even how we think. Long before it became fashionable I was fascinated by its hidden army of workers, its role in so many health conditions, its link to the brain and the lymphatic system. I could go on …..

This desire to find out more about the gut started because I had gut problems suddenly and dramatically after a trip to Africa in the 1990’s. From that point on I could no longer consider food a friend or take eating for granted.

It took years of doctors and tests to find out that I was not a coeliac but probably gluten sensitive / intolerant. Even that was a grudging admission by the medical profession.

But by then I was taking control of my own health journey by doing more and more of my own research. I went on to study Herbal Medicine and Nutrition and become a natural therapist.

Now my work in my clinic Accent on Healing allows me to share the passion and the knowledge and help others to understand the inner workings of their gut.

But maybe you have:

  • no clue what is wrong with you
  • need help with finding your way through the maze of online information
  • feel isolated. Your friends are supportive but don’t ‘get it’.

Want a face to face meeting?

My clinic is in Sydney’s northern beaches – please use the contact form below.

Would you like to talk to someone if you are not nearby?

Please use the contact form so that we can arrange a Skype or What’s app video call.

I am really only a short time distance away.

The essence of good health is more about good food choices than good genes.

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My Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education, Certificate and Associate Diploma of Horticulture, Diploma of Botanical Medicine and Associate Diploma of Western Herbalism. I am a full member of the Australian National Herbalist Association of Australia as well as the Chair of the Australian Deep Lymphatic Therapists Association.