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Why we do it

Reason one

Qualifications and training.
With a background in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and the Lymphatic system I found that the common factor in healing the whole body was healing the gut.

Reason two

Experience with hundreds of clients in my Accent on Healing Clinic. Most of the symptoms that clients presented with could be linked to gut problems. Healing the Gut became my number one treatment protocol.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Personal relevance.
I have been both a therapist and a patient. I developed a passionate interest in all aspects of gut health because of my own challenges with food intolerances.

Latest from the Blog

Science recognises Kombucha health benefits

Kombucha (a fermented tea drink) is trendy right now and is my drink of choice for energy and health. But while everyone is talking about what it can do for health and disease, only now is science able to offer an explanation as to the why for Kombucha health...

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Leaky Gut and autoimmune disease

Could leaky gut be the cause of your health issues? You should consider leaky gut as a major factor if you or your family are struggling with an autoimmune disease that may have either specific or even vague symptoms of unwellness. Sometimes with leaky gut there are...

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Candida and the Yeast connection

Is Candida causing your health problems? If you are suffering from all sorts of vague symptoms (fatigue, emotional problems, cravings for sweet food, allergies, bloating, skin problems, thrush, weight gain, muscle aches, fuzzy brain) then you might have Candida. This...

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A simple exercise to stop bloating

A SIMPLE TIP TO RELIEVE BLOATING AND INDIGESTION Clear your lymphatic system to stop bloating If you often have negative effects after partying, if you suffer from bloating and indigestion after rich food or in fact any meal, some simple deep breathing techniques to...

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Does waist size truly matter?

When does our expanding waist size become a health concern and what can we do about it? Sadly our waistlines grow in size as we get older.  Despite our best efforts or not, it happens to nearly everyone due to our changing hormones, changes in lifestyle and our basic...

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Wheat and YOU – are you wheat intolerant?

Being Wheat Intolerant is much more common than previously thought. Do you have congested sinuses, anxiety, weight or skin problems? Could it be due to the flour that you eat every day?  If you have not recognized wheat as a problem, it may be because you are wheat...

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